Gmod Lag

Whenever I try to walk, I take a step forward, then it teleports me back a little bit, then I go a little bit forward again, then I get teleported again. I can move, but it’s really annoying. Solution?

Ive experienced this on an online server before. Dunno what the cause is though… possibly an addon or just a plain old laggy server. Are you talking about singleplayer i assume?

I’m talking about singleplayer, but it might do it for multiplayer too. I also noticed that when I go into third person the physgun isn’t there, just its glow. It was working fine yesterday, and I haven’t downloaded anything since.

Type cl_showfps 2 in the console. If it’s below 25, you need to start thinking of upgrading your PC, or reducing the graphics settings in the game.

Ok. Hmmmmm, sorry dont know anything else :frowning: Have you installed something on your computer since then that would somehow make your computer lag when playing games? I ask because when you said ‘I haven’t downloaded anything since.’ i assume you mean Gmod things.

It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s not that I’m getting a low fps. Think of it as if I were tied by elastic to the wall and tried to move. I would be able to progress, but I would get pulled back every few seconds. That’s how it is.


Nope, nothing at all.

This is caused by a delay in receiving/sending data with your computer or a internet connection I believe.

Alright, would that still apply on singleplayer?

No, it’s probably caused because you have predicting enabled in singleplayer. This lags because it will predict wrong information (singleplayer only).

Try this in the console:
cl_predict 0

Make sure that you keep this console command to 1 when you play on multiplayer. Or else you’ll experience lag too, as your client can’t predict your movement and thus delays every action with XXXms (based on your ping).


i have had this exact problem ( figured it was my crappy cpu,but i will try this ill get back to you on it.

Why not just try the solution suggested in this thread?

Why not either clean your gmod or use this net_graph 3

Because that would be dumb seeing as the problem has been solved already