gmod lag

ok as the titles says ive got major lag problems ive had gmod for about 4 weeks now and its worked just fine up til now I downloaded wire, phx, and, sbep and various other things in wich case causes longer load times so i took out all unnessasary addons and just left wire, sbep, and, phx it still laged so i deleted evrything and uninstalled gmod then reinstalled it and it still lags anyone know why?
ive even used drm wich helps a little
edit: the game itself lags dont know why

ive even used drm wich helps a little

not mine so whatever


ok seriously if ur gonna veiw the page at least reply



Right click Garrys Mod in Steam, click properties, and under local files click “verify integrity of game cache”. Let that run, then click “defragment cache files”. Let that run and then try it again.