GMod Lagging while shooting a gun


I get weird screenlaggs when I shoot a gun in Garry’s Mod.
Does someone knows how to fix this? I have a really expensive PC, with a 2 GB graphicscard, so I don’t know what the f**king problem is. Who can help me?

Be more specific, what exactly is your hardware, what are you game settings, are you using SWEPs that have extra effects that go along with the firing effects, do you have custom impact effects installed?

Shoot a half of clip, then it must stop lagging.

Rabbid, That’s not true.
it’s on a Jail server with normal weapons, but I don’t know which sweps. There is coming alot of smoke when I shoot.
I’ve a ASUS EAH5750 FORMULA 1GB (Sorry, i thought 2GB)
I have like 4 GB RAM, 2,2 Quad core processor.
I use my G15 keyboard to check my PC performance, and I can’t find any problems with RAM or CPU. I hope one of u can help me… I’ve not the hardest settings at all in my GMod
I use the Recommend settings.

Graphics card?


Shouldn’t be stuttering with those specs, do you have CS:S?

If you do, try using a smoke grenade and let us know if it lags there too.

I’ve CS:S Yeh, actually, the whole CS package…
I gonna try the smoke!
Btw, I think it’s the smoke, cause i can fire other guns I did fire ages ago, or it could be a recent problem?
And i get a muzzle.lua error, is that a problem?


I saw a few updates came out for my graphics card, so i hope it’s done now.
I’ve no time to test it for now.
I did do everything i could do -dxlevel 80
and I updated my drivers and Ati catalyst center.
It was buggy, so, that could be the problem!
By the way, thanks for so far

oh, sorry didn’t see that…

Drivers were the problem I guess?
It works fine now.
Alot of smoke coming from my gun, but works fine

Not rly man

Download latest drivers and DirectX

Look my last post…

Problem is back, didn’t change anything…

Shall I post my whole PC stats of Everest Home Edition?
Cause, I can run GTA IV on highest graphs…
So GMod is doing weird.

I have the same problem.

Yea if someone could help us that would be great.

i lag when i shoot in the server cops and robbers i see alot of smoke come out too can you please help me i cant use my other guns because it makes me lag alot please help me !

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That server uses m9k guns, google how to disable the smoke effects.
Or just type this into console “M9KGasEffect 0” without the quotes

Also please don’t bump really old threads like this.

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Whats the record for oldest bump? Cause 4 years is pretty damn old

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I did what you told me but it didint work it said “Unknown Command” And i searched how to disable smoke on garrys mod but it couldnt find nothing that could help me can you please help me ?

I saw a 7 year bump once, the guy was asking for gmod 13 help on like a gmod 8/9 thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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