Gmod Lags in MP

Hello Everyone,
Like the title says, my Gmod10 is really laggy in multiplayer.When I move I’ve got around 30FPS and other players say when I connect it’s laggy to 'em, too. But In single player it’s every time around 200FPS…
My system:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600@ 2,9Ghz
6Gb DDR2 Ram
Zotac GTX 275 (1,7gb GDDR3)
Win7 64Bit
Connection: 16k = 16000kbit ( said 13mbps)

Temps are almost Okey. So we’ve got 30°C outside so it’s a bit hotter like normal but still on a green level.

What I’ve tried:
-low graphic

Google didn’t help me so I hope someone of you can!
greetz from Germany,

Ah sry. I didn’t see that I posted in the wrong category. Can a mod move that topic to Help & Support?

It’s your internet connection.

Really good computer, but really bad internetz.

I’ve got the same issue. For everyone saying it’s his internet, read better next time.

30fps isn’t laggy, you barely notice it.

Better than my 20fps :gbsmith:

So I’m sry. with 16k I mean 16000 kbit/s… says 13 mbps.
And it isn’t constantly 30fps. When I stand at one place and don’t move I’ve got around 120fps. But When I Move it slows down like 30fps.
Would that be constantly I wouldn’t say anything. And yea I tried to slow it down on 30fps with fps_max …

Wrong section i think its your internet

I don’t think so. Someone else gotta idea?

Play on a server that has low ping. Use net_graph 3 to diagnose the problem, get better internet, get a Ethernet card…
You shouldnt be lagging, 13MBPS is more then enough to play garrysmod since GMOD doesn’t communicate more then 100kb/s.
It could be your router, modem, or firewall as well.

Mhh… The only thing which seems wrong to me is that I’ve only got a upload of 2kb/s.
That would explain why I’m only lag when I move.

Firewall is open for Gmod like my Router too…

I’ve seen this before, infact I’ve even had the problem before. For me it was an addon (If I remember correctly, an admin menu) that for some reason didn’t work well with certain addons causing a lagging movement in multiplayer. I’ll try and remember what addon it was exactly.

I tried the first time without any addons but I had laggs…

its derma, occasionally if it gets installed via a server it will cause these problems

When I had a crap load of lag, I just moved my computer a little and I have alot leass lag now.

PS: I have a wireless connection.