Gmod lags.

Hey there. I have an irritating issue. One day gmod suddenly started to lag. It never lagged before. I tried to reinstall entire steam. Now i have no addons at all. But the lag is still there. And my computer should run gmod just fine. Beacuse gmod did not lag at all before. And my specs is not the problem. I have googled this. But no answers. Please help me. I wanna play gmod again. It lags on singleplayer AND multiplayer. All maps load so much slower then before to. Help me please.

Have you scanned your computer recently? You could have visited some shady site.
Try turning down settings.
Update your drivers.
Specs. Post em.

As i said,specs is not the problem since i played gmod before with NO lag at all. But anyways here are the specs:

Acer Aspire 5530
AMD Turion X2 Dual-core Mobile RM-70 2.00 GH
4,00 GB Ram
280 GB Hard drive.

And BTW i am running a virus scan now. So ill see if it helps any. And i dont think i need to update my drivers. As i said Gmod ran smoothly before.

I think specs are a problem. On that thing…
Not the worst. About the same as my laptop. I’d never do gaming on a laptop.

Updating drivers is a good idea. I’d suggest you do so.

It’s a source game, and I’ve run it on much worse laptops.
So go with the scan. Also try defragging your hard drive.

the specs isnt what is wrong i run it on a computer with 488 ram

I updated my drivers,i ran a virus scan, i defragged my hard drive, and i set my CPU speed to high. It all really helped. Thanks everyone. :smiley:

Second post. One more.

I have the same lag problem too, my gmod did work smoothly before and
gmod will work smoothly, if i delete gmod. but more i download, more it start lag.
ps. it didn’t lag before even when my gmod was 11gb big.