GMod LAN parties are awesome

I had a 2 day lan party at my friend’s house for his birthday in March. We were going to play tf2 with 16 people, but everything went to hell and after electric/lan problems and half the people leaving after a night of eating (burning hot/frozen) Totino’s pizza rolls and watching movies and farting on the ones who fell asleep XD , we decided to just play Garry’s mod because 5 people playing tf2 just dose not work. I am the only one of my friends who plays Garry’s mod regularly, so they had no idea what they were doing, but are creative and funny. It was so much fun.

If you are able to have a gmod lan party with your friends, I highly recommend it. There is no lag, regardless of anything you can run in single player.

My audio drivers were messed up, so it recorded my mic, but its better IMO because you can hear what we are saying.

Sounds like a rootin tootin dang diddily of a hootenanny

Would you be able to use Goremod?
Sadly, none of my friends have gmod, but I’ll try to get em to buy it.

yeah, only one out of seven had it before the lan, but they were blown away and got it.

Also, Zombie onslaught is fucking amazing when you lan.

My gmod crashes when I try to start a lan or listen server :frowning:

I would do this, but I have no friends

edit: Also, how did you make the camera shaky like that?


I only know 1 guy who has gmod who i know in RL and the only other person who plays gmod is cheap naughty and got it by you know how but if i ever got enough people, i will HAVE to do an LAN party. Once i did a computer party with EVE online, but i guess you can’t count that as an LAN party.

Me and me friends want to do one of these lanparties.