GMod LAN party Megathread!

I decided to throw some GMod lan partys. Ill post the schedule here soon but I need some people who will help.
I need:
A mapper I request somthing like a house. gm_geekroom is too big.
And for builders feel free to come build.
Thanks and if you wanna be an admin just tell me!

Local Area Network? Wouldn’t that mean we’d need to be really close to you, or be using your connection? If so, I don’t think many people will be travelling to your area for a party, I’d much more prefer you just hold a dedicated server up.

And how is this a megathread?

a++ thread a++ idea i nominate this man for poster of the year

Hamachi games people.

Why use hamachi when you can just use a normal server? If alot of people are connection atleast one of them is capable of using a proper server.

OP has a trollface avatar.

I thought Mods make threads mega threads.

OP is alt of Seth/CombineGuru.

what happened to you blocking me

Good question.