[GMod] Large retro-ish RP map plz?

Hey everyone! Now recently I have been looking for suitable DarkRP maps for my server. This server uses the Fallout Pre-war cars vehicle mod and such. So I need a large map that barely matches with the retro-futuristic style of Fallout. All I have found is downtown edits, c17 parodies, maps with no optimization, and a good map that either has no highway, no suburbs, or is too small. I would make the map myself, but I know little to none about making maps.
So I ask you, users of Facepunch. Will you make me the happiest server owner ever and make me a map that looks like it’s out of the 1950s or 2070s?

Gonna need more info than that. That’s pretty vague and there doesn’t really seem to be anything for the mapper in return. Gotta have a plan or else, if anyone were to try and make what you want a reality, they wouldn’t have a good idea on how to do that.

If you want people to take this seriously, give a payment price-range, provide some reference images and a basic layout.

Challenge accepted, how about something like




The skyscrapers could be like the ones found on Mannhattan in TF2 (Art-Deco) with teleports leading to rooms with windows looking down on the city. A possible layout could be like http://hunercraft.enjin.com/profile/7132086/pics?album_id=412015&refresh=1399879565 I will be happy to negotiate a price later on (with payment from my paypal).

As others have said, you will need to give some sort of payment for this. I highly doubt any mapper is going to spend hours upon hours creating this for you for nothing.

I sure wouldn’t want to be scammed out of a project I worked for hours on. I certainly have the money to pay; the creator of a map knows his work, and can easily put a monetary value on it. In short, name your high and we can negotiate a price from there. (Scammers inbound lol)

$2000 plz

LOL! “Starting Bid will be at $250,000…”

It will most likely be a huge map.

yup, though I suggest having the buildings be just one brush to conserve like polygons or something

Look at all those dumb ratings, lol. I can make a whole fort out of these.

This just isn’t possible.

I consider it a challenge.

not unless they’re giant rectangles with elaborate textures… :v: