GMOD Launch options, need some help with 'special' problem

I have an Intel 945 “graphics card.” Actually it is not a real graphics card, but a cheap laptop piece that makes my games run poorly.
My problem is that there are only 2 ways I can run the game, so far, and both are not good.

  1. Run using Direct x 7 (-applaunch 4000 -no -dxlevel 70 +mat_forcehardwaresync-applaunch)
    This makes the graphics look perfect, except some major problems.
    It runs perfect except for a couple things. There is no heath gauge and when I press 1-6 I can here noises but I cannot see my weapons.
  2. Run using Direct x 9 (-applaunch 4000 -no -dxlevel 90 +mat_forcehardwaresync-applaunch)
    This creates Super Terrible graphics but visible health, and weapons.

Is there any way to fix the graphics like in Direct X 7, and also fix the health and weapons so they are visible?

Extra Notes:
I have also tried -dxlevel (80,81,) and I get an error for those.
Actually I get an error if I do not run “+mat_forcehardwaresync-applaunch” in launch options. It is the only way I could get GMOD to work.
I know my “graphics card” sucks, but it has perfect graphics using -dxlevel 70, but just not 90. My 90 graphics are almost unplayable and everything looks really white, and water is ONLY white. Weird…
Also, windowed mode does not help.