Gmod launcher.dll virus

Hello, recently my antivirus program detected what seems to be a malware inside garry’s mods launcher.dll file. I had to remove due to the case that it has a virus inside of it. Now Gmod can’t run unless i have to validate gmods files and get launcher.dll back with the virus. How can I fix this? Help!

What’s your antivirus? Can you maybe upload the file to

Try validating Garry’s Mod in Steam, maybe your PC was infected by another virus on your PC. I suggest you do a full scan.

Yes, I validated it on steam many times already and it still did not work. Also, I did do a full scan multiple times already and it came up with no results of any dangerous malware.

Get a better antivirus. Personally, I use BitDefender and MalwareBytes.

I’m trying to get Gmod working again, not trying to get rid of the launcher.dll. I want to now how i can get rid of the virus without erasing the launcher.dll. Pls help this is urgent. I didnt buy gmod for 11 bucks just for this.

There’s no virus in your dll. Just whitelist the file and start your game.

It is most likely a false-positive of your AV software. You didn’t answer my question, what anti virus are you using? AVG and Avast are known to cause such problems.

I’m using a Chinese antivirus called qihoo 360.

Googling that AV software shows that it has quite a few false positives. So is your case, I am 99.9% certain. Either add that file to exceptions and send it to the company who made it as false positive, or get another AV.

Ok, thank you for the support! :slight_smile: