Gmod launching

When ever i launch gmod, nothing happens. nothing. not a goddamn thing

plz help.

Can you please try and be more descriptive, and fix your grammar mistakes so we can read your posts clearer? On the side note, what are you trying to do?

sorry. Im trying to launch it. the launcher comes up, and then dissapears after a few seconds. and then nothing happens. from reading other post’s i learned that a menu of some sort is supposed to apear.

Yes, after a moment, the “Initializing Garry’s Mod” window will disappear and then the GMod window should pop up, where it will load some more, then the menu will show up on the left. Are you clicking on an icon to launch GMod? Try launching it directly out of Steam instead. If this does not help, delete the “garrysmod” directory in your “steamapps” folder, and re-download it with Steam. It won’t cost you anything to re-download, so don’t worry. If that doesn’t work… buy a graphics card. That’s the only other thing it could be. Or at least update the drivers of yours, as well as DirectX. Usually it gives an error message for these, but you know how Windows is…

How long did you let it try to load? Sometimes it takes a while to load the initializer menu, depending on your proccesser, graphics card, RAM, ect.