Gmod + Left 4 dead (Video)

Yes it’s a video, but it’s a video of screenshots. I thought it would make more sense to post it here rather than the video section.


Cool vid bro but none of my pics :[
Anyways why not calling it Garrys Mod + L4D2? There are barely any L4D1 poses and if they are they are combined with L4D2 characters.

uh crap, was gonna call it l4d2, its called l4d2 on youtube :v:


Also there are so many l4d2 pics made already, so I couldnt fit everyone in my vid. But if people likes this I might make a 2nd.

Really nice vid. Good to see my edit of Stea1th’s pic up there.

Despite the fact that there are many good pictures in there, you put in Deathbucket?


Oh well, nice video and music.

oh yay the one Chesty edited is there
nice video too, although you should take some of them out, they don’t deserve to be there.

Which one exactly is deathbuckets?

The one with Nick in a corridor holding boomer bile and an axe. The one with some bad editing. It’s at 0:54.

I don’t think it’s right for us to say what deserves to be there and what doesn’t. Regardless, it’s 3 seconds of the video, so who cares?

There are so much good pictures in there and than this?
Im butthurt because his shitty picture is in the vid and mine not >:[

when searching for pics, I went into all the newest threads I could see that looked to have l4d2 content (based on the title)

But I’ll pick a longer song next time and include other pics :slight_smile:

:bravo: I have spoken.

It makes me feel relieved to know that Nick has the most serious and awesome roles in the poses.


That can easily be corrected:)

Oh, I’m good at doing those types of poses.

:v: he sure is badass

Lol fishface coach


No, this is fishface.


Mothar of merceh, oh sweet Lincoln’s mullets.