Gmod lighting glitches (In-game and main menu)

sometimes, while playing gmod, i get a lighting error. the screen goes brighter then normal, and the dynamic lighting barely exists. and sometimes it goes darker, making dynamic lighting stand out. it even happens on the main menu. it happens alot, and it doesn’t happen in hl2/tf2/portal/portal2 etc. i have tried alot of things. but nothing has happened so far.

If it’s doing it on a map, and your in single player ( if that’s where your experiencing this)

try mat_fulbright 0

(Might need sv_cheats 1 on)

Nope. it happens in all gamemode, all maps, all servers, and it even happens in the main menu. nothing to do with fullbright (plus, i find fullbright quite horrible)

Hmmmmm, Never experienced such a glitch, sorry. I’ll try and talk to a few friends and get back to you.

click the tilde key (the console key)

I do know how to use the console. I’m not a gmod noob.

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Oh, and it’s now happening in tf2 and portal 2, but hl2 is working fine.