GMod Linux Crashes at Start Loading Screen

I am running on Ubuntu X64, and when I start up GMod it shows the blue loading screen and then just crashes. I have played GMod on this PC before. It did previously run on Ubuntu but ever since I did a clean reinstall of the OS it hasn’t worked. Please help me I NEED to play some TTT.

Exactly the same here. Slackware x64.

The fact the game doesn’t run at all under Linux (for the whole of the last 8 days) will hopefully be noticed eventually.

If you want this problem to be ignored while they keep tweaking the small things for the Windows users, keep trying to highlight the issue. That’s working well for me, so far.

I’m on Debian 8 amd_64 with an optimus setup and just bought the game. I wasn’t able to play it yet because of the same crash.

Exact same here. My friend just bought the game for me. I try to open it on Ubuntu 14.04, but it crashes.

I am also having the same issue.

I think this has something to do with the font renderer from what I hear, also that _Killburn removed it for the Mac and Linux non-friendly version for next update, you guys should be good then. (Whenever that is)

Same issue; recent update (within a week or two) has GMod launch to a black or upper-left-blue-rectangle-on-black screen where it waits for a bit, throws an error dialog then crashes. This is on 64-bit Linux Mint, both 16 and a fresh install of 17.1.

For some reason, it’s trying to open the nonexistent file /home/me/.local/share/Steam/linux32/ I suspect this is a canard since if I copy from Don’t Starve to that location the error goes away but it still crashes (see below).

I’m also seeing a dialog reading: “Couldn’t Load Library ‘lua_shared’ (looking for interface LUASHARED003)”

It was working, now it’s not, and it doesn’t look like anything I can diagnose or fix on my end. :confused:

The second error you posted is most likely the culprit. The first one happens all the time.

Just switched to linux, this is very annoying. The game just crashes on first loading screen, not even getting to the main menu, IT IS NOT YET FIXED I’M PISSED. (meaning this should be a freaking priority…).

And I don’t know if it’s related but I also got this box when verifying integrity of game cache, then it seems to re-dl gmod, then it appears to be fixing NOTHING.

Facepunch Studios needs to decide whether they support Linux or not as a client OS. At the moment, they aren’t supporting it and I’m inching closer and closer to the Borg (after 15 years of mainly using Linux).

There are two tickets open about this and Robotboy has closed both tickets and marked each one as a duplicate of the other.

Also, nobody (with the power to do anything) will notice I have posted this or comment on the issue until at least a few days after I’ve posted it.

This is ridiculous, it’s been two weeks with no fix. If the developers have a Linux icon in the steam store, they need to actually support and and actually test on a Linux system before releasing a patch like this one.

It seems to be something that _Kilburn did in the latest patch. Changing to the [dev] branch solves nothing, as it hasn’t been updated. we really need someone to sort this out. I’ve messaged _Kilburn about this, as he’s my friend on steam, but we will have to wait until he gets online.

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Garry’s Mod Installed

This step is optional, but saves time: you go to ~/ (/home/#USERNAME#/) in the files browser and press CTRL+H to reveal Hidden files.
click on .steam folder, then click on the steam folder, then the steamapps folder. Go into the GarrysMod folder, and select all the folders and appid.txt. DOESN’T WORK

Now, open a new Window but keep the previous one open, you will be coming back to that later.

First, Open Winetricks, then click ‘Install an app’ and then scroll down and click on ‘Steam’. Install steam. click ‘OK’ on any dialoges that open.
Now, when steam is downloaded, sign in. If you did the optional step, goto the new files window, press CTRL+H again, and open ‘.Wine’, click on ‘drive_c’ and then ‘program files’.
Open ‘Steam’ and then open ‘Steamapps’, create a new folder called ‘GarrysMod’ (Cap sensitive) and paste everything in there. Exit steam, the open steam. right click Garry’s mod and click ‘Verify Files’
You just saved yourself alot of time from the downloading. ** DOESN’T WORK **

If you didn’t do the optional step, download Garry’s mod from the Wine version of Steam. After you’ve done that, you can play Garry’s Mod.

You can’t find the download folders for Steam in the .Wine folder, i tried to find it, but couldn’t. As a heads up, if you have a poor graphics card, Garry’s mod WILL LAG. ALOT.

Is there any hope for an update fixing this in the near future? Have devs acknowledged this?

That’s as close as we have to an acknowledgement at the moment.

No technical detail has been posted such that it can be shown that the nature of the problem is understood yet. If it were, they would probably have been able to fix it.

The bug could be in an updated version of an externally included component.

As for whether there is any hope, who knows, really. Despite supporting Linux, I’m not sure if they’re really bothered as long as it works on Windows. I’m about to test this on SteamOS. I don’t think that will work, though, realistically.

I heard patch ETA 2020 from the dev team. “Go play some skyrim” they said.


I’m off to play some HL3. Let me know when Gmod/Linux is fixed.


People still use slackware?

I have the same issue though, running Ubuntu 14.04.

I’ll be playing some EU4 in the meanwhile.

Now that I’m doing more development these days rather than messing around with the system and changing desktop environment settings and kernels, I actually find Slackware easier to manage (it’s what I’m used to) than learning how to do the same stuff in a more popular distribution (who often move the settings around).