Gmod Linux Server Hosting Help. Darkrp Addon not loading.

Hi, I am hosting a Gmod server on a linux vm with Darkrp and my custom Addon. I setup the server using the SteamCMD LGSM gmod server scripts. The base gamemode Darkrp seems to be working just fine but completely ignores my addon. When i run this addon on a local windows machine it works fine, or even in a Windows Gmod server. I also see ConVarRef errors from darkrp which i heard should be normal, but I also see this:

Failed to load custom font file ‘c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/resource/fonts/ds-digii.ttf’

this caught my attention because I am running the server on linux and it is trying to find fonts using windows style paths. Is this the reason why it also cant find my addons because its trying to locate it using windows syntax? All help is appreciated.

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ohh… my addon had caps in the name… guess linux doesnt like that.

Yes, Linux is strict case sensitive.
Windows doesn’t care :smiley:

Linux does not accept capital letters, make sure it’s all lowercase.