Gmod Linux Support?

Seeing as there is a steam client for Linux will Garry be adding Linux support to Gmod?
Like Counter-Stike is now available on Linux is just a matter of time for Counter-Stike Source.

I’m sure Garry will add it eventually.

Garry’s Mod already has linux support. You just need to use the windows client with wine at the moment.

I don’t know why you need a windows client but running wine can be a bit unstable at times and uses more of my valuable resources.

Counter Strike Source is actually already out as of 3 hours ago.

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That is not “support”

RAVE! I love you just for telling me this.

as for the topic . But that was 2 months ago so it would be nice to get an update from Garry.

Hopefully soon, I am itching to play. However, he has been busy moving into the new office…