GMod Listen Server Disconnect

Ok, I’m trying to host a listen server so me and some friends can play. I go to Create Multiplayer and my GMod starts loading up. Right after it finishes the Loading Resources phase, I get returned to the start page. In the dev console is a message “Disconnect User Overmind (Disconnect by user.)” After that is a series of messages about the server loading various files (implying that the server is still running). In log folder is a connection_log_0.txt file which says:
20:15 Connect from <my ip>
20:15 Successful connection <my ip>
20:18 Connection Terminated <my ip>
No matter what I try, I can not get into the server. I have tried using (which works in all other Source games), my public IP, my private IP (I’m on a lan), my ports are forwarded. I have no problems with other Source games. Any suggestions?

EDIT: New error in console - Host_Error: Overflow writing table LuaFilenames

When it fails, simply try to create once more. I’m pretty sure that I had a similar problem in the past and creating again solved it.

I guess you could try the usual approach if the suggestion above does not work:

  1. Disable your firewall (and add hl2.exe + the ports to exceptions)
  2. Disable your anti-virus
  3. Try again

If that doesn’t work, perhaps you need to reinstall Garry’s Mod.
But before reinstalling we should explore every possible option.
Let me know if it works

Tried it. Doing that locks up my Garry’s Mod. Got a new error message in the console that I overlooked earlier. It’s a host overflow error. Could that mean I have to many addons?


Ok, problem solved. I had too many addons installed and was overflowing my Lua array. I cleaned out my addon folders and its working now. Mods, you can lock this.