Gmod loading but bluescreens at menu

So I got a new computer, one that can run Left 4 dead 2 and half life, but it keeps blue screening while loading Gmod. It just seems strange that Hl2, l4d2, TF2, and portal run perfectly but Gmod won’t…

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA YOU BLUESCREEN AT MENU XD ok but seriously now how many addons do you have could be the problem how much ram do you have ? and u didnt have to buy a new pc u just needed 2 1 gig sticks of ram and a ATi Radeaon x1900xt(you be viewing like a king with this ) Or better

1013.9 MB of ram, and no addons. My video card is only Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family but my old computer had worse and still ran it :\

Low ram, and Chipsets don’t tend to work with garrysmod.

Like I said, my old computer had less and still ran it…



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