GMod Loading crash help... again

i have the issue where i go to the loading screen it freezes and crashes, now i had gmod installed before on my computer but i reset my computer and all i did was modified a file somewhere to get it to work, but i forgot what to do.

Windows Vista
dv6 hp
intel express graphics chip
centrino 2 duo processor

Why in god’s name are you even trying to play Garry’s Mod with shit like that.

Need more specific system specs.

Intel Integrated Graphics Chips are not well known for their abilities at 3D intensive applications.

i aint looking for how pretty the graphics are, it still works with minimal lag

i really didnt think i needed to bother with anything other than the g card but:
6 gb ram
64 bit
runnin with 256k dsl
idk what else you’d need

not really. That card isnt even supported buy source, but if you insist on it, In Gmods launch options enter

-dxlevel 80

also what the fuck is the point in having integrated graphics but having 6GB of ram :rolleyes:
Plus not really very definitive, use speccy or everest to get specs so we can properly help you.

thanks bro, that did it

also, why in the hell are you trying to game with 256k internet? You must be a lagging machine online