(Gmod loading screen) function SetFilesNeeded not called when first joining.


I’m currently working on a custom loading screen but the function: function SetFilesNeeded does not seem to get called when you first lounch your gmod and join the server.
It does work when you then join a second time.

This for instance, does nothing when you first join the server:

function SetFilesNeeded( needed ) {
	var Files_Left;
	Files_Left = needed;


Any help how to fix this?


EDIT: This is the function I’m talking about: https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Loading_URL


Any help with this?

Is it an issue with the first time joining on any server, or just the first join after Garry’s Mod is open?

The functions only work when the server you are joining is not the first one after opening gmod.

After testing, It only happens on my local server. If I use someone elses loading url it works on their server but not on mine.