GMOD - Loading Screen (Video)

Hey guys, I’ve been using some time trying to get a video as an background on my Garry’s Mod servers loading screen.
Apparently when joining the server, the Screen is black. But when I visit the site to my servers sv_something url, it’s just as I want it.

- Does anyone know how to get a video background into the loading screen?

The HTML uses <video></video>. I tried to find a way to use YouTube and fullscreen it on the page. Just can’t make the YouTube embeds work :confused:

You’re updating it as I’m looking at it :v:

seems to work on my browser

#bgvid css is very questionable though
you move it to the left and bottom by ~50%
then move it back with a transform statement

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Problem must lie in that you’re using a video file type that awesomium does not like
I’m unsure if it enjoys webm format, but mp4’s should work fine

I most likely tried all available formats. ogg, mp4, webm, wav

I have a loading screen that cycles though webm’s. If you want it you can add me on