GMOD low fps after GMOD 13

I can’t believe it isn’t fixed, at first i had 150 fps on gm_consturct, after firsts update of gmod 13 i was getting 90 fps on max, now i get 40, what did they do to the game? fps isn’t changing when lowering the graphics, lowering the resolution, i really like the game but i lags on my Intel 2 Core Quad and Nvidia Geforce GT230 1,5GB on 1920x1080, can you help me?

EDIT: People also say that you don’t need to play on HDR enabled maps, i still get the same problem on non hdr maps

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I get nearly double the FPS on Counter Strike maps then I do on gm_construct, that being said, I do have about 40 less FPS then I did before GM13, there’s clearly a problem.

I’m also running a quad core i5, NVIDIA GeForce GT 635m 2gb Asus laptop.

I notice a lot of performance differences since the update as well. Although as far as gm_construct goes it could be the map. Considering additions were made to it and who knows, maybe that tweaked it just enough to give some fps problems. Just a possibility but tbh I think its more Gmod itself.

Well, Garry disabled multi-core rendering because it apparently caused a crash with advanced-DOF, because Garry apparently thinks that people who play with dolls and take pretty pictures of them are more important than people who actually play the game and want to do that with a proper framerate.

gm_construct is shit.

On optimized maps like drivingmap I used to get well over 150 fps on maximum settings, now I get
less than 40 on medium (and a lower resolution), and that’s when the map is empty. The only game
I play is…unplayable, all because Garry wont fix multicore rendering (he wont even let us know if he plans to or not).

Another hilarious thing is the stealth changes to the in-game recommended video settings, like changing the system
requirements is somehow an excuse for the game being broken. In GM12 the game told me to use 4x AA, 8x anisotropic, and
high texture quality; now it says to use no AA, trilinear, and low texture quality.

This is why I got a high end PC just for GMod, or not just GMod but other tasks I wanted it for. I got literally the same FPS before GMod was updated, it can only be one simple option but just ditching it won’t fix anything.

Adding it back with it turned off by default is just a simple task. It should work and everyone would be happy. Deleting it entirely won’t do anything other than unoptimization.

The low framerate I get happens on every map. No matter what, it’s just the usual 40-50fps. That’s on medium and low combined. I get a miserable 20 on the highest.

It would work if it was really added as an optional setting with a warning if you like to use certain shaders. How about presets of settings? Or an option to create presets, it just loads generated config.txt files with names on them depending what you want to do. Like “Improved FPS”, or “Posing”? I’d love that.

It’s just hope, if garry won’t do it then I’d live with it entirely.