Gmod low gravity, timer errors, and blank e2s.

Okay, Gmod was working perfectly yesterday.
Today, i open it up, start a singleplayer game, and things just get weird.

  1. after loading the map, a blue screen appears saying gmod is creating rendertargets: bluportal and then again for redportal. then the game starts.
  2. every couple of seconds i get a “timer error: [addons\wire\lua\wire\updatecheck.lua:100] attempt to concatenate local ‘plainversion’ (a nil value)” in blue.
  3. Gravity is very light. me, the props, everything. and i move verrrrry slowly, even in noclip.
  4. i place an e2 chip. cannot read the chip. open a chip from library, i get 100s of errors in yellow, “[@lua\include\extension\string.lua:191] bad argument #1 to ‘sub’ (number expected, got string)”. then a hint pops up, says \blablabla okenizer.lua:111] attempt to get length of field “?” (a nil value). and the chip i open is completely blank, except for the @name part(the first line) and i can’t edit it.

possible user errors: clock is dead, but it also was yesterday, and i dont see how that can possibly disable e2s. a virus a couple hours ago. i murked that bitch in 30 seconds. its gone now.
3. external hard drive holds all my games. big possibility of getting corrupted, but i doubt it.

any advice?

wiremod help is best over at

what about the low gravity?

also the portal addon i DLed does not use wire, its independant. and i wont ask him about it, since this problem only surfaced at the same time as everything else.

The portal gun is probably old as hell, and broken.

doesnt matter, i dont even use the portal gun. just havent got around to removing it yet.

but it suddenly starts misbehaving at the same time as all of this? thats why im asking here, cause its my gmod thats having problems.

If you don’t use it. Uninstall it.

It’s obviously causing problems.

yes, but gmod is causing the problems, and the problem is obviously related to whats screwing up gmod.

anyone care to help?

UPDATE: reinstalled wiremod, and that fixed the e2 problem, and now i only get the errors once.

everything still moves very slowly. WTF, gmod.

UPDATE 2: the slow movement bug fixed itself, it seems. the remaining bug is one i forgot to mention, my e2 chips cannot use the replace() function with strings, and the advanced duplicator freezes for a few minutes when something loads 50%.

but both of these problems i guess would be directed at, even though gmod is the culprit.

No. GMod is not the culprit.
Those are wiremod addons, they’re not working, so who should you ask. wiremod.

for the moving slowly thing?
its probably because your physics timescale is a low setting, restore it to default. Or that thing where you can slow down everything, even your gun coming up is like 5 times slower. is it just props that are moving slowly if you throw them or is it you aswell?