GMod Lua Addon File Download Not Working Right?

I have my own GMod Server and i am making an addon for it but am needing clients to download 2 text files when they join. This is my first time on a forum so please bear with me.

This is what is in the text file and its location (datalog.txt / deathlog.txt):
File 1. Test Text 1!!!
File 2. Test Text 2!!!

Addon File Path and name:
addons\log\lua\autorun\log.lua (Shared Lua File)

This is used to create and put text in the files (creates in [garrysmod\data] Folder:

file.Append("datalog.txt", "Test Text 1!!!" .. "
" .. "
file.Append("deathlog.txt", "Test Text 2!!!" .. "
" .. "

I put these at the top of the log.lua file to download the .txt files:


Now when i start my server up and join it, it shows it is downloading that file but the bar never goes up or even shows a bar.
Text that is shows:

Downloading data/datalog.txt
Never gets to deathlog.txt cause it never starts the first one.

Can anyone help or tell me what im doing wrong?

You can’t download text files. Use file.Write upon client join.

Why is that though?
How would file.Write be any different?