GMod Lua Editor - Revised

This program and its code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License which therefore allows distribution when released, but requires mentioning my name and linking back to this thread.

Since OlivierHamel has stopped working on his GMod Lua Editor I decided to continue his work. I decided to continue it because I think it will help me with developing my future projects. I will keep you updated while developing, just like with NewAdmin, I will however not release it before it has proven to succeed on my projects. Before official release there will probably be a one week open beta, because I don’t believe in closed betas.

This is what I have so far and is an accurate snapshot of how the program will function/look.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Function auto-complete and parameter information
  • Checks for common errors while working (e.g. non-existing variable, weird character, forgetting a ‘then’)
  • Almost completely removes the need of manually browsing folders
  • Might have a built in derma editor
  • Tabs to quickly look in the wiki or ask for help on Facepunch

Note that development of this will only speed up development of NewAdmin, not push its release data further into 2009.

Please let me know of your opinions.

Wow this looks nice, i’m gonna use this,

Maybe I’m asking for too much but:

Collab support?

I don’t know what features your editor will have, so here’s what I would need to switch away from wxLua’s IDE
Feature requests:

Collapsible code blocks
Ability to load custom “intellisense” files for modability
Ability to easily customize text properties for highlighting ( EG, make reserved words bold or not, make reserved words whatever color or font, etc )
Visual Studio-like projects
Gamemode friendly ( Doesn’t destroy folder structure )
A “snippets” or “clipboad” inside the program
Auto-tabbing ( able to be toggled as well )
Code formatting like in Eclipse ( you can select an option and it will adjust your code’s whitespace according to settings in the program )
Allow people to work together on it like Gobby
IRC chat at the bottom?

Probably more stuff, but that’s on the top of my head for requests, if any of them are do-able with what you have.


Yes, collab <3

Why don’t people work on this:

It had great porential and almost all the coding for it is already done.

Take a look:

They both have features that would be awesome to have in both. ><

Looks good, some suggestions (unless if they aren’t already added)
[li]Be able to add your own text to syntax highlight (like a little menu where you type what you want to be syntax highlighted and you can choose what category it is in.[/li][li]Choose what font/color the program uses for syntax highlighting[/li][/ul]
looks good though can’t wait for it to be finished.

infact GluaR already has a object viewer and wiki built into it:

In my opinion, do yourself a favour, just use the GluaR as a starting point,

So will this contain a debuger?

So this will become an easier to use thing than Notepad ++ w/ GMod LUA syntax auto complete and highlighter installed? Awesome

I think you should use a bit of GLuaR’s code, it looks almost done and could speed up your development.

I do prefer Overv’s version of the syntax highlighting, though. It seems more normal to me.
And a useful feature (I think) Is to automatically Resource.Add all files in the project that aren’t lua and include/AddCSLuaFile all the lua automatically in the needed places.

I’ve gotten quite a lot further with syntax highlighting now:

I like more Overvs What language do you use to code it?

C#, easy to quickly write applications like this. Actually this is most advanced app I ever wrote in C#, but I’ve done 2 years of VB and 2 months of C++ so it wasn’t really all that new.

I also prefer a bolder dark purple to a hard-to-see bright blue.
Why not make the syntax colors determinable by the user? :V

The added italics for comments is nice, though.

Just like with Notepad++ everything will be customizable, from font style to function name array.

Are you using just C# or other modules too?

How will viewing the objects/ingame functions work? Will it update and download info straight from the wiki or will it keep a independant stored database of all the functions names, params, description, return values?

Will it be possible to download the content of all the functions documented on the wiki and be stored in the app for on the go, so you don’t need an internet connection to view examples/documentation, and when back on the internet can just update the database?

How will the derma creator be made (if any) will it be drag and drop with a code viewer and designer like Visual Studio does? Or will it be some kind of Click to insert button and the code appeers then you just change the values of the generated code. If you wouldn’t mind i’d like to see the derma designer as it is being created, purely out of curiosity on how it will be done.

Will there be the docking of menus such as the Tasks, and the file browser? So we can close all the menus to have a full page coding interface. Perhaps have a book marker too for different lua files/folders in the file browser.

Also i see lack of images, and be nice if you could create different types of lua files.
As lately, gamemodes are starting to use a lua file for all of the tables (sounds/models/materials/text) that the gamemode uses. Will there be a generator for all of this? Perhaps even a Sent/Weapon/Gamemode/generic lua file template too, which load the default template files.

Will there be a way to link lua files while in the coding view, Example:
In cl_init.lua i have [lua]msg("YOUR COCK SIZE IS: " …cockSize )[/lua] and “cockSize” is declared in the file cl_variables.lua, i could (Example shortcut) press Ctrl and click the “cockSize” in the cl_init.lua file and it will give me information on where it is getting the information from (being cl_variables.lua), and an option to open that file on that line.

There’s a function like that in VS, something like “Find Definition”, which takes you to where it is defined.

I do like your syntax highlighter very much, I hope you don’t drop this like some coders drop projects.