GMod Lua Editor - Revised

Was this mad with Visual Basic 2008 Express if so what did you use to make the syntax highlighter

If this is released, I’m gonna make an addon for it (if it needs one, because it may have every thing we already need :D).

And use it for the good :3


Good work :3

Syntax highlighter is made with a RichTextBox and some searching code.

Any new things added to it lately? perhaps number lines?

I am currently trying to optimize the syntax highlighting and then we’ll see about line numbers my good sir.

Looks brilliant, can’t wait to try it! :smiley:

Very looking forward to use this while coding. It seems much better at doing gmod lua than notepad++ is.

1x Agree

Considering NotePad ++ was a revolution in making coding easier, this had better be better. I really look forward to it.

Looking brilliant, I’m also looking forward to a release.

Could you possibly make some Prefab simple stuff like a simple gun the people just learning how to code can change up to learn the code better then just reading a manual??


, and yes they would be very useful.

Why didn’t you continue GLua from Voided?

Or Marine or whoever took it over? That editor had a bit more advanced stuff and shit in it.

Like when you open a file in Visual Studio, OR even GluaR has it too:

But i do aggree with post above me as GluaR has a very good layout and backbone code for you.

GluaR uses a custom code editor control which I highly dislike.

I just started learning C++ and using Visual Studio. Not the best step I admit… mediocre Lua knowledge to C++… oh well. Anyway, I didn’t really think about projects until I saw VS, keeping on top of all your code is so much easier. I’d love to see a simple wizard that would set up your project as an addon (or not, have an option for both). Make it give you an info.txt framework etc.

Great work, I can’t wait for the release.

Looks great! If you create a derma editor you will be a god in my eyes.

Some suggestions

*Definitely make it gamemode compatible, as stated above
*Syntax highlighting for functions (should work throughout loaded scripts, excluding local functions except in the same script)
*Don’t over complicate it. I’ve been put off by several IDEs for other languages because they are too complicated to setup when compared to many alternatives. So far it looks like your doing pretty well in this area.

Could you add in addon support and functions for other C# developers to make our own plugins too.