Gmod Lua | Map images?

Hi, a question: How do I make a DermaPanel that has the hole map image (top down perspective) ?
Aswell if I can do that, is it possible to place markers on this top down perspective of a map that read ingame location?

I am trying to make a derma frame that shows locations you can teleport to on the server, its kinda like a pvp mayhem server…

Anyone know how to do this?

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Like on spawn*

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On spawn a menu opens up were you can pick your location.

  1. Go to
  2. Get spoon-feed
  3. Go to and submit your application

You can either go the CS:S route and make your own map overlay, or do some complex RT work to draw the map top-down manually.

Firstly, dont be an asshole about it.
Secondly, I am not doing this for Script Fodder.
I want to make a top down map, that I can put waypoints to different locations for my Gamemode.