GMOD Lua Spawning Vehicles

Hey everyone Merry Christmas Eve! I just wanted some help with a problem I am getting. I am trying to spawn in a vehicle (from the vehicle tab) with gmod lua. I tried to use it’s class name in ents.Create() but it does not work. I will post my code below

newcar = ents.Create("Jeep")

Error: Tried to use a NULL entity! (newCar:SetModel(“models/buggy.mdl”))

The class name for the Jeep is different. I think it’s prop_vehicle_jeep.
Take a look at the sandbox code for spawning vehicles, there’s a function MakeVehicle - it shows pretty good how it’s done.

Here you go:

Vehicles require a vehicle-script and some require Activate to be called ( which you did ) to avoid crashing ( prop_vehicle_airboat ).