GMOD Mac Error

Story time yay.
So I use a Mac (I know, but nows not the time) and have had Garry’s Mod for a long long time now and it has always done what it’s been told and is all around a spiffing game. My friend Swiper recently introduced me to HL2RP, and by god I love it. We played for ages and ages. Now about 3 times of playing, it used to crash every 30-40 minutes. I thought nothing of it, so I kept playing. It then started crashing every 20-10 minutes, then to 5, then it will crash upon ‘sending client info’.
So my first thoughts were ‘wtfbbq’ so I reset Garrys Mod, kept trying all morning, but no luck. I also tried on a parkour server, a jailbreak server, but they kept crashing over and over. Eventually I got into a parkour server, so I tried joining the HL2RP, but it crashed once again. After another effort, I got into HL2RP, only for it to crash 3 minutes in. I deleted all my addons and followed every tutorial every website I could find, but still, nothing.

I went over to my other Mac, my laptop, and tried this. It was pretty new, so I got steam installed and jumped straight into getting Gmod, but what do you know, it crashed upon entering. I don’t know if this is me personally, on my account, or all macs together. It has never done this before and I am really confuzzled on what to do. Help is required here. Thanks!


EDIT: Oh, I think I should also mention, on one time I recall a message in the top left saying ‘Something is created script errors’. By the time I could look at it properly it crashed.