Gmod Machinima Intro Idea

I have an idea for an intro for a gmod machinima. it kinda go’s like this, I attach a hydrolycs to a camera on each map in turn so it scrolls across a part of each map. and i have bittersweet smyphony playing. then it centers on a graveyard full of zombies. the whole machinima is about 3 or 4 survivors of a zombie invasion eventually there is 1 left and he releases a nuke to destroy the virus. any comments, is this good or not?

Videos section. This isn’t it.

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Sounds like generic as fuck. Zombie infestation, some survivors and then (big surprise) someone wants to nuke everything. This will be a bit boring, unless you execute the idea very well.

can i have a link to this… generic?

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Please, tell me thats a joke.


Screencapped that comment. Its epic.

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Well you know, it’s everywhere! Zombie infestation ZOMG, a group of survivors ZOMG, army locks the area down ZOMG, army killing infected people ZOMG, army infected ZOMG, nuke is the last hope ZOMG, place goes boom ZOMG!

The idea is just SO used. It’s everywhere. Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Prototype, all kinds of zombie action movies… Make something more original. Something from the real world for instance, conspiracys, spying, terrorism… Those aren’t SO used in machinimas.

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