Gmod Mad Max (and FNV NCR)

I like to ask if there is anyone, who will port Max, from the Mad Max game from to Gmod? And I also noticed that there were a some new NCR models for Gmod, anyone know where I can get them or when they will be released?

there is ncr elite rangers (the helmet ones not the sheriff hat ones) on the workshop somewhere i think, but for normal ncr im not sure about,
and it will take some time to port mad max so we gots ta wait for them

The NCR models are unreleased.

There’s already a Mad Max thread.

Any idea when they might be released?

When they’re done.

Who working on them right now? I mean the NCR ones

Ninja Nub, but he’s not going to give them to you because you’re not one of his close friends.

Ninja Nub? then I guess I can give up on those models or hope that someone who get them from Ninja might release them

Ninja does release things, unfortunately he seems to move on to new projects before publicly releasing the old ones.

That’s an incredibly shitty thing to wish upon someone. If they’re not released it’s because they’re not done. Just be patient and wait for them to be finished.