Gmod Maddddd glitched?

Hey i got some sceenies ever science a few weeks ago upon start up i get all of these particle errors.

I get all these when i don’t even do anything and also lately whenever i use drugz mod say on Dark rp it crashes my gmod . ANNNDDDDDD also i crash the seconds i join Perp if its full empty not full or anything I have reinstalled multiple times and looked around but I could not find anything I even got mad so I installed my entire steam folder and that didnt help.
Lastly this always happens

Its not bad but it is quite annoying all the menus ( if you look off to the left) are like no clipped almost and you can see through them then when i jon a server ( I couldnt get a screenie of that) the left hand menu with play single player play multi player Ect. stays off so i can still see it and say i have the server menu up and I join a server that will stay up and ill see the little “G” in the middle with spinning things and the files going by and very last closeing thing I crash alot more than I used to I know almost for sure my Gmod is courupted but i have done everything i could try to do to fix it.

Computer specs
AMD Phenom 9650 Quad_core (2.3) Ghz OEM
Nvidia 9600GT 512 Mb Graphics card
Running Windows XP fully updated ect.
Running garrys mod bought form steam not torrented
I bought this computer about a year ago so idk if that helps but yeah thanks.

P.S.S I took these screenies right after a fresh reinstall

Try changing screen res?

eh. i get those particle errors and sometimes the menu anomaly. and i have a 3.2GHz Pentium 4 with a radeon x1650pro agp card running xp professional.
oh and by the way, what version of xp are you running? xp home does not support multi processors at all. and that could be the source of your instability. and have you checked your case for dust lately? overheating hardware can cause crashes and instability quite easily.

I have a temp gage on my computer and nothing seems to be to badly over heated i check it while i play , but really i need to know how to fix it because it should not be doing this and the crash upon joining Perp is killin me

Im running Xp home D: I have been thinking about makeing the jump to windows 7


I dont think screen res would fuck up gmod that much

Have you updated gmod recently? garry broke the menu and those are the same errors i was getting when i tried to play. Just update Gmod.