GMOD map crash

Hi! My Gmod is crashing for some strange reason when I load for example: gm_ghosthunt 2, every time it completes loading it crashes saying hl2.exe stopped working.

Here is the crash log (it showed it in my language which you wouldn’t understand, so I tried to translate it, so I apologise for any spelling mistakes):

Name of the problem: APPCRASH
Name of the program: hl2.exe
Program version:
Wrong name of the module: client.dll

Ok so I run windows 7 Sp 1, with Direct X 11, using Direct X 9.0+ in the Gmod

My computer is pretty strong and is without a doubt not the problem.

It also crashes during the gameplay of some maps, for no reason, throwing the same error on my screen.

It is very unpleasant, because I build, create a lot of stuff and without a warning it crashes. I really need help! please.


it could because of a curropt file, just dont play on the map. if its a server you want to play on. delete the .bsp and look for it online to download