Gmod Map Releases SubReddit

Well, since the releases subforum is gone here and the map section is chaos… Feel free to post all NEW map releases for GMOD here:

Hopefully this instates some sort of organization for new content.

no thanks

Um… Reddit… Nope.

If not there, then where? Here’s not the answer… Look at the chaos.

It’s not even bad anyway. There haven’t been TOO many releases, and they have their own respective threads which were fine. I downloaded and played all the releases since the change.

The only stuff that could be considered being cluttered or chaotic would be request threads, not releases.

Gayray will change it back eventually, plenty of people are complaining in the forums thread

I will not post le maps over at le reddit because reddit is le shit.

Is that your shitty map there?

I don’t think so. I like it here. No meme spewing.

this thread must be removed from my history