Gmod Mapping Help

Ok so i decided to start learning to make stuff for gmod, so i decided to start with maps. I’m currently working on a map and i’ve hit a bit of a snag i started making the map with a bedroom and i can’t decide if i made the bedroom too big. It’s currently set at 256.0 in height and 320.0 in length. Also when trying to add textures to the inside of the bedroom for some reason it’s applying the texture to the inside and the outside of the wall. And i can’t figure out how to fix it. Here’s an image of how it looks any help would be appreciated thanks:

Open up the texture tool (Toggle Application Texture) and right click the desired wall with the desired texture., it’ll apply it to that face only.

Also for future reference, go to the mapping question thread:

Also, always make walls 128 in height. Unless if you’re going for an unnatural looking room.

ok thanks for the help

Just run the map, you’ll see how big it is in-game.

Place a player entity for scale.