Gmod Market ~ A coderhire in development

Hey guys I started working on a new coder hire type of website named “gmod market”.

Some of the visuals were influenced by _Undefined in one of his last few posts in one of the coderhire threads. The site will be capable of creating/applying for jobs of course, and eventually paypal support for uploading and distributing scripts. I haven’t decided if I will charge for a “developer” subscription, but if I do it certainly won’t be as expensive as 15$ a month.

Most of the sites core features will be recreated (reputation, comments, ratings etc.) Everything should be available soon, besides the scripts section until I feel I’ve polished and secured it enough to release.

I think I’ve gone about as long as I can without introducing myself. Hi, I’m M0d I’m 19 and have been a part of this community for almost 4 years. I’ve dabbled with just about anything from gamemode design, scripting, doing small jobs, moderating some small servers, etc. I’m not the type to publicize my work out of fear of judgement usually, however this situation is different. I was reading the comments when coderhire went down about people paying for their rent and lives off the site and I thought it would be a shame if no one recreated the site.

I know I’m not as well known as _Undefined and some of the leaders of this community but I hope you guys will give me a chance. I plan on maintaining this project for quite a while and most of the features, if not all will be free.

So without further ado, here’s a sample pic of what the homepage currently looks like 1 day in development.

15 was dirt cheap considering how much you made back… assuming your scripts didn’t suck. Also I’m not visual god but please don’t make the theme tiled. Good luck however your going up against some big players In the GMOD scene like Phoenix and Matt. Wish you the best

Looks nice, but visuals are one of the minor importances of a website.
The main question is how much you’ve done in the back-end, in terms of actual implemented features. You’ve said nothing about how the website will be/has been scripted, making me assume all you’ve done is created a front page.
A group of people have been working on a site which would be built on NodeJS, but it seems that it’s been dropped and there have been no contributions for quite a few days.

We are working on reorganization and getting the group back up and running. The project has been very inactive but we are planning on finishing it.

Hmm. Well to be honest, if so many people disagree with me fronting the project I wouldn’t want to step on any toes.

It’s not about the money to me, I mean it’d be cool if I could afford to make enough each month to not have to get a day job and afford my lifestyle through scripts and managing a site but it’s not my number 1 priority.

If other more qualified people are stepping up and offering the same features as coderhire at the same price or close i’m happy. I wouldn’t mind working with some capable people who want to develop this project together if anyone is up for that. Otherwise, I’m probably just going to scrap releasing this and continue it privately for my own sake as a learning experience.

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Good luck to phoenix and you guys out there developing the new site. I hope it sets the bar even higher than coderhire did.

As much as I like the website design OP, I’d much rather have someone else do it, someone that’s better known in the GMod community.

I actually hoped that with the death of Coderhire we would stay away from these cancerous script shops so that there will not be any further creation of drag’n’drop TTT, DarkRP and Murder servers. If you make it this easy for people to start up a server (without any knowledge), shit and generic servers will be made. Save GMod and don’t do stupid shit.

Not sure of this pseudo hatred towards script marketplaces, if you don’t like servers; don’t play on them. If the owner of a server wants to waste their money getting scripts for their server, then why not provide the service.

this bandwagon of hating on a simple way of buying scripts has really no facts, how does it destroy anything? “generic” servers will always exist, you can filter them you know

yes i like the money

As chessnut’s title says…
“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell”

and how is that relevant to this? are you saying it’s not right to have a simple way of purchasing scripts? it’s really no different from hiring a person to make something for you except that your server won’t be Unique**:slight_smile:

There’s “generic” servers then there are 100% replicas. I don’t want to be filtering out 90% of DarkRP servers to find one where it has at least one unique feature.
You may be in for it due to the money, but that just shows what kind of person you are. :S

Coderhire isn’t the full source of the problem its peoples integrity.

I am all for coders making profit off of stuff they make, but if your selling a script for 5 bucks and it literally is like 2 lines of code, then your clearly just taking advantage of people. There have also been times where someone asks for help on coding something and the first thing I see is a link to coderhire. That right there just prevents people from learning how to code themselves and keeps gmod from becoming more creative.

Also if you have one coder dedicated to your own community it helps to create competition between other servers. Right now when anyone can just go buy a script off of a website it creates no competition of better gameplay between servers. Literally I can join 5 servers right now and I won’t feel like I am playing on different servers.

Money is fine and dandy, but don’t let greed consume you.

Well I guess it comes down to two things:

people who make scripts just to make some money and don’t give a fuck about servers being **unqiue__~~ (me)

people who play and don’t like to play on “100% replicas and generic servers” for whatever reason

nothing is going to stop the eventual arrival of a “new coderhire” and nothing is going to change people from purchasing “generic” scripts.

That’s exactly what I meant, it’s great to see the same opinion

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No, nothing will stop an arrival of a “new coderhire”, but I was hoping people would learn that you aren’t helping the community, you’re just helping yourself.

I guess people should stop releasing scripts for free too since they also make servers too generic heh

And this makes sense how? Scripts are released freely on the workshop every single day, and not overly used on every single server I come across.

As Cyberuben said earlier:

It shouldn’t be as simple as “I want this one and this one!” in terms of scripts. I think the server owners should either hire someone or learn to do it themselves. If you did look around and play these replica servers, I think you would actually come to agree.

I’m talking about the fucking script shop on Coderhire, not about the jobs section. I fully agree that developers should get rewarded for their work, but Garry’s Mod should not become a game (actually it already is) where all addons that are worth it are now the price of the average triple-A DLC.

It’s all about the effort. People can’t be bothered to code individual things for individual communities and people so instead they make 1 script which gets bought by 100 kids to put on their DarkRP servers. So, then you won’t have “generic” servers, but replicas, as said before. It annoys the shit out of me that all the most played TTT servers have this shitty minecraft map, the same models, pointshop and the same HUD and what not.

If there wouldn’t be a script market, it would take the owners of servers to THINK of what they actually want, it’d require them to describe what they want in their server and that way we might get some servers that are worth playing considering there are ideas people come up with. Right now, people just buy what they want on Coderhire and don’t even realise they can also come up with ideas and post jobs to get that done.

All I’m calling cancerous is this script market that Coderhire had. It has nothing to do with profit, it’s just Adam selling a developer’s license for $15, multiply that by 100 and you get his turnover, then substract the small amount of server costs (I mean, come on, how much can it be to run a website with 100 devs) and he’s just leaning back, earning money, maybe fixing a script here and there, and in meanwhile all IDEAS are turned into code with the intention to put it on Coderhire. And suddenly Garry’s Mod isn’t about content anymore, people come up with ways to make easy money quick, and that’s what you find on Coderhire.

I just wish it went back to the days where you only got a handful or larger communities, that either had their own developers or hired someone to make them something unique. That’d give people a reason to play a specific server, and not expect the same shit regardless of what you click.

And good that mib999 sees the problem too. Developers only see the money and don’t give a shit about the quality of Garry’s Mod. As long as it sells, they don’t give a shit and keep releasing their scripts on Coderhire rather than trying to fix the community.

I guess paying for scrips makes them automatically better. If the scripts on coderhire would be free and marketed the same way, you would complain that they’re too generic. So in a sense it’s a pointless argument. The solution is to just not play on the servers that YOU don’t like.

Invalid. When addons were to be found on Facepunch and, you’d only find a handful of scripts that were actually used on all servers. Other than that, there were quite a lot of different servers. Servers that had a custom HUD, had their own custom HUD, and didn’t share it with others. Same with their tab menu, MOTD or loadingscreen (as long as it has existed).