Gmod Market ~ A coderhire in development

After playing since 2009, I sincerely agree with your statement. I used to run a very small Zombie related DarkRP server and had to learn how to do things myself. Here and there I popped onto to nab a few scripts, but lately, the server owners do not have to do such a thing. It’s horrible to see how shit servers have turned over the years. I hoped the passaway of CH would bring the old times back.

Unique servers/communities will always be made if the people in them are ambitious enough. The generic darkrp servers have always been there.

and yes I always like to make a quick buck and I find nothing wrong with it

Some servers did use the same HUD, like Phoenixf129’s old DarkRP HUD. But it was nowhere near the extent that I see today. Hundreds of servers using the same F4 menu, HUD, ATMs, Car Dealers… It’s disgraceful.

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Unique servers are there, but under rated. Some servers are 100% different from the generic ones and are very low in terms of popularity because the players flood to the generic ones. I wonder who caused that…

People don’t feel the need to be ambitious if they can just download all their bullshit from Coderhire and do zero effort. They’ll make the money back anyways.

it’s all about money and you’re not gonna change anyone’s mind about purchasing what they want for their generic darkrp

On Coderhire - 50% of the scripts are just the damn same, and a grand majority of them are overly used. The Developers do not give a crap, and are just in for the cash.

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That’s your opinion, and in my opinion, that’s fucking ridiculous

This thread got derailed really quickly.

I didn’t think this thread had nothing much to contribute, without offense.
No one knows who the OP is, so who is he to be trusted with countless numbers of scripts?

so please tell how you’re going to change this. make a petition? blacklist “generic” darkrp servers from the server list? convince matt - and whoever - not to make another coderhire script market? (most likely doing it to make a quick buck)

No sir, because what will that do. Developers are in it for the money and what’s to stop their hungry addiction?

So anyone with a gold colored name is qualified. Got it.

Err. No, that isn’t what I said.

I said

Hungry addiction? The world revolves around money. Some people may really need some extra cash, and this being the most relevant way they know how.

There’s many alternatives as opposed to tricking 12 year olds into purchasing a digital good.

Anyone who can make a functional, secure and attractive looking script site should be qualified. Scripts have licenses for a reason, so why would anyone running it try to steal the scripts?

Am I the only one that doesn’t sell addons and just release it for free?

I didn’t say they weren’t allowed to, it just won’t be popular & taken as seriously

Probably in this day of age

Anyway, that’s me done for my daily dosage of derailment :slight_smile:

we have this argument daily fuck, you guys.

if you don’t like servers bloated with coderhire addons, don’t play them.
if you don’t like coderhire bloated with addons, release free ones.

just stop bitching, wow.

Remember when communities hired coders? Remember when people coded for fun or to learn? ( not saying no one does anymore but it became a small group. )
If any alternative get’s created I’m sure that the last of those people that still do care leave.
Just get a normal job, you’re making money of a gamemode with a gamemode on that. From kids too. How does this make you feel?

It’s hard to avoid it when 90% of servers are the same shit

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I think a CoderHire where you can HIRE / get HIRED would be okay, but not a shop for code.