Gmod Market ~ A coderhire in development

Im pretty sure no one (unless you live at home) can actually live on the money generated from coderhire

I still code for fun, and I release everything I code for free.

He didn’t say he wasn’t qualified to make this, he just said he wasn’t trusted. He could just be making this to steal the scripts posted, selling them as his own for all we know (Not saying OP would, just an example). You want a known/trusted person to make and run this type of site so this doesn’t happen.

Nevermind what I said, someone already responded while I was typing in pretty much the same way :v:

To hire/ getting hired does indeed sound allot better then some toy store where kinds just buy what ever they want.

Really, just take out the store if you guy’s must have a codehire - things would be a fuckton better without it.
You’re still making money of kids which is in my opinion morally wrong. I heard some people actually making allot of money of it.

with the potential money being made, that’s not going to happen heh

This is what’s wrong with this community. Here someone is trying to develop something from the ground up and just because he doesn’t have the popularity as someone like phoenix people are tearing him down.

What makes someone qualified, exactly? I thought it was how effective they were at making this site, not their pseudo-credentials of longevity and rank.

The thing is, you’re killing the game this way. Gmod was about creativity and fun, it seems ( atleast to me it is ) that money is the nr.1 priority for most people now.
If you’re really such a money hungry wolf, go ahead - I justed wanted to make sure what you ( and other ) are aware of what you’re doing.

i’m pretty sure they people purchasing scripts won’t really be interested in learning to code themselfs or whatever, so no, it’s not going to kill gmod

“Buy this because a) it’s better then anything you would create in the next1/1.5 years and b) everyone is doing it”
How does this intrest the new generation of Gmod player into coding? How will this show them that it could be fun? Please share your information because I am clueless.
It is basicually a domino effect from there. No new people getting intrested - no new coders/stuff.
But this might be good for you, less competition right?

maybe they want to make some money too and they learn to code, it’s a pretty good motivator

Compared to the older generation of coders they stand little to no chance. And if you call " learn how to properly code for the next year to make a little amount of money from it" does indeed sound like a good motivation hmm? I for an example started to learn lua for fun. after reading all this money hungry stuff I’m sad I did.
You are one of the very last people that still do vrej, be proud of that.

All of these ideas and “changes” won’t do anything without changing mindset, which is very hard… anyways, can we try to keep all this crap in this prior thread?

People seem to have made up their minds so I’m done posting about this. I got to say what I wanted to say and it’s up to them what todo with it.

Heres why, its like a random guy walking up to you and saying to put your money in his bank and to trust him. As opposed to your friend and someone you know well saying the exact same thing. Obviously you should be cautious about both, but which one seems more trustworthy? The guy you know or someone you dont.

Yeah I give up. Rip gmod

Not sure why I was quoted, however I fully agree with you.

If you ask me, I’d rather put my scripts on website that was created by someone well known on gmod stage rather than by a person I rarely hear about.
It might be just me.

Like I said before, sites still under development. I’ll make a thread when we have something working rather than just eye candy.


Stop Posting… PLEASE!!!