Gmod Materials Not Working

So I play on DarkRP and I noticed that all the textscreens had the 1 by 1 box in their center. Later I tried to change the material of a prop and it wouldn’t change. This has something to do with materials because textscreens uses a invisible 1 by 1 plate. Is there anyway to fix this or should I redownload gmod?

Possibly because the color of the prop is set to 0 opacity. Jsut change it’s color with 255 color opacity. That’s what I think is what will fix it.

Still doesn’t work, it was already at 255 opacity

I have this problem too, I uninstalled GMod 2 times and it still happenes, it is very annoing and im glad im not the only one to whom this is happening

Make sure your GMod runs in DX9 ( add -dxlevel 95 to your command line for GMod )

Thanks so much, my dx was at 81 for some reason! :dance:

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So go right click on gmod, select properties, go to launch options in general. Then put -dxlevel 95