GMOD McDrive Idiot Machinima Comedy

any feedback?

did you dub the audio in for the ‘order’ scene or did you take it from another video?

The voices is created only for this video,
by a guy called Mek, we worked on the video together.

why should I steal audio from another video?

Because that’s what lots of people do to make their videos look funny but they’re actually cheap and retarded.

I commend the effort for trying, however the jokes kind of fell flat… the beginning wasn’t funny, and the drive-thru was only mildly funny. it was basically just bobbing heads and then yelling and then an explosion. a bit cliche

Thank you for your feedback, but be carefull saying ‘it wasen’t funny’
because that’s your opinion,
you should say: I thought it was boring or something.

okay – the writing for the jokes was poor and there was nothing clever about them… it seemed as if it was created on-the-spot as opposed to having style and cleverness to it.

delete this topic

why delete? you only got one critique just because i didn’t like it doesn’t mean no one does

Hey, I kinda wanted to see it.

Fumples, please think about other peoples work on videos,
before you diss the videos like that…


go to my youtube channel mate

Don’t look at Fumples’s replies at dissing, but more as crisitsm.

If you look at them in a disrespectful point of view, you will grow to hate him

…and then embarass yourself months later when he shows you how fucking stupid you looked arguing with him

It got pretty funny near the end. That guy can scream pretty well.

And dude… try not to take criticism so personally.

I didn’t even insult your video, I said it was somewhat cliche, and there was not a lot of effort shown. Don’t take criticism offensively, I’m not trying to discourage you from making machinimas, i’m simply trying to help you get better at making them.

The audio was ok, because you said it was made you, but the video part made in gmod, was rushed and unprofessional. You just spawned a camera, went off scene, and shook the ragdolls head a lot, then just put them over the audio as the character was speaking. theres more to gmod then thrusters on limbs and bobbing heads like a chicken.

Thank you everyone,
I kinda overreacted yesterday about the comment he gave me.
But if you work on a video, and all my friends thought it was epic,
and then wanted to share it on facepunch, and get dissed by the first comment, aren’t really nice, but I understand that it can help me do better machinimas in the future.

-Captain om Nom, how could I make better scenes?
It’s hard to make gmod ragdolls look like they talk :frowning:

The op should try 


Use the faceposer tool in the source sdk, avoid using ragdolls as a method of discussion in machinimas.

Yea I know faceposer sounds hard to use, but to be honest after you read a few tutorials by Katana314 it’s SO easy

But channels like DasBo…
does he use that?