GMod Menu Mockups

I thought I’d get some community feedback on this. I’m thinking of changing the menu screen, so I’d like to get your takes on it.

So, anyone want to make mockups of what they’d like to see the main menu looking like?

Were you wanting a visual overhaul (Make it pretty) or to make it more useful?

don’t do a menu like TF2

how about fixing problems before creating more/worrying about aesthetics

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I’m trying to think about it now but it is hard to display a lot of information neatly, I think the main problem with Gmod is there is too much choice when it comes to props. Maybe you could sort props in order of size/shape so when you just want to shove a prop in a gap it will fit.

The main menu, not the spawn menu.

I think it is fine, and I hate the TF2 one.

It is simple, easy to use and dosen’t look shit on small screens


I didn’t quite read it right.

I think it is fine the way it is. Please don’t do a TF2/L4D2 sort of menu. They are incredibly ugly and stupidly designed. I reckon you should just keep it the way it is.

However I would really love a new button to be added to the main menu which can automatically connect you to your favourite server which you have the button set up for. I think someone actually made something like that a while back, not sure who and how they did it though.

What would you consider adding or removing? I think it looks pretty nice already…

I think one of the best features of a new menu would be to allow developers to interact fully with it. The current menu - we have to overlay on top of it if we want to override it.


As far as design goes, I’m stumped for ideas.

Add a picture of you in a wheelchair making an angry face as the background. Please? There is no downsides to this idea :downs:

Other than that, the menu itself as far goes for the navigation the way its setup is fine. Y’ Dig?


Even if its just for one day, i would still be happy if you put it as the background.

I’d be happy as long as it looked better, really — more compact and categorized wouldn’t hurt

oh, and don’t make it overlap with the default console position please

Maybe something like the Wii menu, with each tab having a small icon according to what it says, such as multiplayer and single player.

You could try making the menu have a totally new layout, something compact and organised, but its really up to you

See if you can make the options menu, server menu and any other steam-based gui into derma.

I’d like this

I think a TF2 style one would look pretty cool.

I’m not artistic enough to do a mockup though.

A 3d background like HL2 has?

Yes, i love this idea, i hope everyone else agrees