GMod Menu Mockups

I find it fine the way it is right now.
This ^
A few images from the thread

I wish hunts didn’t let that die would have been awesome.

A menu like what Bfking said but allow us to choose between the original menu and a new menu. Also allowing the community to be able to make their own menu’s would be nice.

I know I’ll get flamed for this… A menu with inspiration from the Wii would be the best option. That, and a menu like the one hunts made awhile ago would be rather epic. I would like to be able to make my own main menus :smiley:

Could you mockup the loadingscreen aswell? Some nice custom loadingbar? Something instead of the white background?

Would it be possible to show the download size when downloading from a server? Would be quite nice to know roughly how long it will take when joining a server.

A 3D background with sounds like portal. Also when you see those downloads flying by your screen while connecting to a server and they fly to the other side…put thrusters on the back of those icons :v:

Sorry! Well the main menu is the same in almost any game running on source. Thing is, it does its job and you don’t see it for long. You could make some featured content in panels such as new maps and mods which are recommended and highly rated. A download manager for things like this would also be cool but I’m guessing that wouldn’t be relevant on to this.

Hes talking about the Main Menu.

I say its okay, it’s simple as said earlier. I wouldn’t like it to be like tf2, with all the word bubbles and layers of squares.

Probably something L4D has would be cool.

OH! make a video background of someone sex posing!

Seriously, I think the current menu is great and is simple.
(and shows all of the background)

Why is there 2 icons with multiple persons?


Oh wait didn’t see magnifying glass

An alteration to the singleplayer / multiplayer menus:

Not exactly like that since it was thrown together in Paint.Net, but a general idea of what I would like.

It would allow us ( the coders ) to make it easier for people to identify the gamemode by something other than the folder name ( which they need to know currently, unless the dropdown menu for the gamemode selection was fixed ), as well as them not having to try to figure out what “ttt” or “base” or “fretta” are when they are new to the game or are living under a rock or something.

An example info.txt for a gamemode would then look like this:

	"name"		"Some gamemode"
	"author"	"Some coder"
	"email"		"blah"
	"up_date"	"blah"
	"icon"		"icon.tga"	//Would load out of the content folder, else use the default box icon.
					//Could alternately be like an addon and automatically use icon.tga in the root of content
	"hide"		"0"		//This would default to 1 if not defined here
	"description"	"My first gamemode plz b nice n tri it"
		"1"	"^ext_"
			"display"	"Infinite Ammo"
			"command"	"mp_infiniteammo"
			"default"	"0"
			"type"		"bool"
			"display"	"Maximum Frags"
			"command"	"mp_maxfrags"
			"default"	"25"
			"type"		"int"
	//Like addons, this would only list the gamemode if the game is mounted
	//This would help with something like a TF2 gamemode, or Portal or what have you
		"1"	"320"
		"2"	"whatever tf2 is"

Or maybe icon could just load out of the content folder like an addon does.

As much as I would like to see all the menus be handled by Lua, I feel that it would expose things that coders shouldn’t be interacting with.

Other than that, I feel the current traditional source style menu is fine. It’s not hard to find anything in my opinion, but I’ve been using similar menus since HL1, so I don’t know if that is a fair opinion.

I’d like a menu similar to the tf2’s one :

But with different colours and fonts.

oh god what, didnt everyone say they didnt want that? i like Kogitsune’s one

No, not everyone.

Not sure i see the point of changing it. I like the simplistic design of the current one. I’d like one of those slide in from top consoles though :slight_smile:

I would actually like to see how something like the Wii Menu world work out. I think someone said it earlier.

TF2 style is a bad idea.

I would suggest doing something like the steam library menu.

In example;

You keep the simplified original menu, but when you highlight multiplayer, it would show whose playing on which server, Similar to the steam library menu. Once you click on a multiplayer, it would open up the server menu like normal.

The same for single player, except when you click on it, it would ask what gamemode you would like to play, what map, etc.

Also, please add an option to delete Addons via the addon manager menu.