Gmod Menu/Texture/Pretty Much Everything Error


After the recent engine update my copy of Gmod has been plagued with an error i’ve seen nowhere else. It involves an all-white start menu, seen here:

I can’t do anything, or see anything, for that matter. When I do manage to blindly click buttons and load a game, it looks like i’m on LSD, seen here:

I think this is not just a Gmod error but an error with my computer and the new engine, because I have the same exact error in my copies of Half-Life 2 and the episodes after they got updated.

Anyone have any ideas? Gmod is just about useless with this. I need a fix!


Overheating maybe?

No, I don’t think so, because it still happened after I had turned off my computer for a while.

Update your drivers?


My screens flickers white when the ForceWare drives automatically lower settings because the GPU temp > 75 Degrees Celcius.

And that especially happens on hot days like yesterday D:


Maybe close the video editor in the background? And probably all the other shit? Rename garrysmod to garrysmodold and restart gmod, See if it’s fixed?