Gmod mini freezes when using mic.

Now here’s the deal. My Gmod freezes everytime I use mic and it gets quite irratating/hard to play when playing gamemodes and communication is vital. I’ve heard that disabling realtek fixes it but then the problem is there’s no sound. So I’m a bit stuck here :confused: Is there anyway to fix the freezes without disabing realtek?? I get something similar to this with rust but I’ll put that in the rust section. Thanks hope there’s a fix :slight_smile:

Is it only for Rust and Gmod? Also, it may be time for a new PC, although it could also be that your ping sky rockets whenever you talk. Can you see if it happens in a LAN game of GMod?

I’ve only noticed it for those games. But the thing is it used to work fine on my old lapotop but it’s just started happening on my new laptop. So I don’t think I’m due for a new PC. But with rust it’s not when I use mic. It freezes every 10 seconds or so and bears etc. end up killing me which is a pain. I’ll get around to trying that LAN game for you.

It sounds like the realtek control panel is causing the problem. Uninstall the control panel then restart your computer. If your sound goes, you should be able to reinstall your sound driver from Device Manager, which won’t install the control panel but it will get the sound working and should fix your issue

Thank you I’ll try that^^

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OO I’m not sure I wanna try it coz I read around and people that uninstalled the control panel and reinstalled the driver have said they have crappy sound. Don’t really wanna risk it :confused: ANyone know any other fixes without having to disable my sound/realtek? :confused:

Suit yourself

You could at least try it, see if you get “crappy sound”, then if you do look for another solution, rather than just not try. Where in life do you get without trying?

I understand it’s just that it’s a new laptop and I don’t necessarily wanna just go doing things hoping it wont screw my computer over… But I’ll try anyway now you put it that way. But try see where I’m coming from too.

Yeah definitely try reinstalling/updating all of your relative drivers before anything

mobo drivers
soundcard drives if you have one (the mobo sound card one will be a separate download usually)