Gmod Model Request

Hello programmers and modellers

Im looking for someone to do a small character model for me to use on my server

Now it isnt going to be to difficult im sure (no idea how hard it is)

Anyways this is my request:

  • The character is White

  • The head is a horse mask so you shouldnt need to model his hair or anything just wanna have it a horse mask (Mask should be a brown horse mask)

  • The shirt will be White t-shirt nothing written on it

  • Maybe some tatoo’s on the arm for looks

  • Black skinny jeans

  • Black Tennis shoes

Thank you for reading and if someone can do this for me that would be amazing

i don’t know about the horse mask, as they don’t have them in the program. but i do have access to a program that lets you make ragdolls; FUSE. its fairly straight forward, even i can do it (and that’s saying something) only problem is they don’t have face-posing (or eye-posing i think) but there is finger posing…so that’s something. the tattoos i could do myself, as there is no option to make any tattoos in the program, but i have learned over the years how to give a ragdoll a custom taboo. even the eye colour.
although there are masks in gmod that you could simply weld over the ragdolls head (i think…its been a while)

look it up, its a good program

As I can see, all what you are asking for, can be made in ‘Fuse’, but the program tends to make incredibly bad hair meshes, and if you don’t set the textures up to 2056x2056/1024x1024, it’s going to look like crap… It also makes them completelly out of proportion, they are super big compared to other ragdolls. But you can give it a shot, it’s free now

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for someone who will do male and female Hawke from Dragon Age 2 with all three type of champion armor ragdoll (with finger- and faceposing and flexible bones)

(I also send a link of the models picture because I don’t know how to add picture to my reply)

Don’t spam your requests in another person’s thread, make your own.

Oh man I’m sorry. I wrote in the wrong thread.