Gmod model texture questions

1:I want to use custom player models from TF2 that I got from going on VSH servers. Does anyone know how to rename the files so they have the correct textures instead of the “Missing texture” pattern?

2: Some models I want to use have a pink tint to them. How do I fix this?

Garry broke fastdl i think so yo can’t download textures from servers, and stuff. I think he’s working on a fix.

What does that have to do with my question?
I did not ask about textures downloaded from Gmod servers.
I asked about textures downloaded from a TF2 server that were custom skins server side, and what I would need to do to get them to work.
And the pink tinged models came from model packs online.

Well it won’t matter you will not be able to see your tf2 textures, so your question is irelavent.