Gmod More compatible With Windows Vista

I think gmod should be made more compatible with windows vista when I am loading a map if I click the screen goes black And numerous crashes

Or maybe it’s Vista which should be better in general

Or maybe it’s just you.

I have no problem with Win7/vista on Gmod.

Im Updating My Drivers That Might Jut Be The Problem

Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but you don’t start every word with a capital letter. It just doesn’t look right.

It pisses me off when people go “oh game doesn’t work it must be my OS”. Unless the game is pretty damn old, that almost certainly isn’t the case, and there are loads of factors that could go into whether or not the game works. So don’t just blame Vista.


Unless you’re trying to run a windows game on mac/linux or something stupid like that.

Maybe your grammar should be more compatible with your keyboard.

But really, upgrade your drivers, and start with a clean install of gmod. Old addons can pile up and slowly become more and more incompatible, causing you to end up with crashes.