Gmod Mouse Sensitivity Messed up

Okay. No its not addon’s or what ever. I went to FP support so many times but nothing helped ever. I entered a command and it messed up my sensitivity I change it higher but it just goes super fast but low its goes slow but it only does it when its going up and down. Please help.

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Need anymore details on the problem ask.

Seriously none of you are helpful?

Disable steam cloud, and completely uninstall Garry’s mod (make sure all the files for it are deleted in the common folder) then install Garry’s mod and see if the problem still happens. If the problem is gone you can reenable steam cloud

Didnt work

I don’t understand a word of that.

Anyways, what command did you use that messed it up?

Don’t know happened years ago

6 days ago

Try turning off Mouse acceleration and turning down mouse filtering.

Whenever I change the thing it all just messes up it only affects up and down not side to side

maybe it’s m_yaw? is it set much above 0.022 or something?

I found the answer, simply turn on raw input :smile:Hope this helped!