~Gmod mouse wont work, need help!

[What Happened] Hello, last year I logged onto a Gmod server that had 2 hackers. They hacked my Gmod to where I can’t look left, or right.

[What iv’e tried] I have tried many things, such as Uninstalling and Re-installing. Iv’e posted a question not to long ago, but I don’t trust most of the people that tried to help me by telling me to delete the configure file.

[Other Solutions] I have read a thread of this happening to a different guy and he said Support told him to Rename Gmod and change some kind of cache on his computer and it worked, only problem is he didn’t explain it very well. If anyone knows how please tell me!

Im very anxiouse to play Gmod, I haven’t played it since 2013! I would be VERY happy if someone could help me :dance:

Solved Yet? [no]

Just disable Steam Cloud for GMod ( right click in steam > properties ), then remove cfg/ folder in gmods folder and start the game. This will erase all your key bindings. After that you can enable Steam Cloud.