Gmod movie help?

Ok, so I’m just looking to do a few medium length films with Gmod. A lot of the inspiration came from the Gmod videos “Moments with the Heavy”, “Gmod Idiot Box” and “Full Life Consequences”… Moments with the heavy being my favorite, animation wise. Anyway!!! I wanted to know a few things…

Concerning ragdoll animations and recording; So I don’t really know how to animate the ragdolls all that well in the midst of trying to get it nicely recored. Does it take multiple people to animate the ragdolls with the phys gun like it was done so nicely in Moments with the heavy? Or can it be done by one person alone? And recording it has been a tedious task… If I set up a static camera facing my ragdoll and activate source recorder, I can’t exactly coordinate the movements with the phys gun all that well from that angle… so it ends up going the wrong way or spazzing out.

So I want to know how exactly the gmod movies mentioned above were made with ragdolls that move so naturally (For gmod that is =p), or how exactly they were made in general. =p So… yeah, if some of you awesome people could give me an addition to my limited knowledge of this, maybe a few tips or something, that’d be great!

Thanks in advance!

Get this:

And this:

Should help a lot.

Thanks! It’s a great help, though that’s for NPC’s specificly, I’m talking about ragdolls and “animating” them with the phys gun. What I’m really trying to figure out right at this moment is how to move them right while I record it with source recorder, while looking through the in-game static cameras to get the right angle for the scene, ah well. I guess it’s something that just takes practice?

First thing disable physgun effects, then set up cameras. If you want a cinematic-style moving camars download this:

Then just practice and do it.

Also other very useful machinima tools are: